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What I Do

My goal is to improve how your company uses analytics and metrics in running the business. I openly share my knowledge so you can quickly elevate your management practices.

Depending upon where you stand, I can provide a wide range of support to improve how your company manages both financial and non-financial information.

Overall Process

My services involve an assessment and baseline of your current financial functions. The purpose is to identify where you stand today.

The second phase of the process is to give you a road map for improving your current practices. Given my strong experience and knowledge, I actively support improving how you use and apply financial information.

Professional Profile

My experience covers over 25 years in all aspects of financial management, including cost analysis, benchmarking, financial forecasting, budgeting, competitive analysis, and business valuation.

I hold three professional certifications: Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Certified in Financial Management. My formal training includes Six Sigma Certification, Certified Business Analyst, and Business Intelligence Professional.

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