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 Why Strategic Business Analysis?

In today's fast changing business world, no-one likes surprises. The ability to be pro-active and not reactive is one of the greatest techniques for creating value within an organization. This requires a continuous process of transforming information into intelligence so that you can manage the future. One of the best tools for making this work is to regularly engage in strategic business analysis.

 Overall Process

My services are designed to put high level analytical services into your company. Without this on-going service, your company will not be pro-active in a strategic way. This is one of the reasons big companies continue to get bigger - they spend considerable time strategizing and planning based on hard analytical evidence.

If you need to better understand the basics behind this activity, then download this White Paper by Larry Kahaner, author of the book: Competitive Intelligence. You can also learn more through my two courses: Short Course 12 (Part 1) and Short Course 12 (Part 2). And if you need more formal training, I would suggest: SCIP and I-CI.


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 Specific Services

In order to implement strategic business analysis within your company, I will help ensure that your organization has certain best practices such as:

  • Allocating resources correctly between primary and secondary research.
  • Establishing a company wide database to leverage the internal sources of competitive intelligence.
  • Working backwards to produce the right results for users of competitive intelligence.
  • Tracking key indicators so that competitive intelligence is pro-active, creating a value-added service to upper level management.

What's in it for you? A broader understanding of all factors influencing your business, enabling you to better manage risk and take full advantage of opportunities in the global marketplace.