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Describes five straight forward metrics you can use to evaluate how effective the HR function is within your company.
A very good presentation that explains that finding your business model can be much more important than planning; especially if the company is a start up. Experience is a great teacher and you have to work through this process without all of the business plans.
The Beauty of Data Visualization - Some great examples of how to present data with visual context and meaning
Critical Elements Behind Value Propositions - A good concise definition of how every business should articulate their products or services in the marketplace. The speaker explains four simple rules that so many of us (including myself) often fail to follow.
How Marketing Creates Value - Perhaps one of my favorite guru's on marketing, Philip Kotler explains how marketing creates value. Kotler's definition is simple, but very comprehensive covering things such as product management and brand management.
What is Strategy - Who better to explain strategy then Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. Porter explains that many companies get it wrong by acting as though goals represent the company's strategy. It is much more over-arching, something shared by Tom Peters who often points to Southwest Airlines as a good example.
How to do a SWOT - A good quick overview of how to properly do a SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Also provides guidance on how to go about collecting the information. Very well presented! Note: SWOT is by far the most popular analytical tool used to develop a strategy. Everyone needs to have this in their toolbox!
Importance of Identifying and Staying Unique - The importance of how being different is extremely important to growing your business and what you have to do to maintain it. This concept was widely publicized in the book Blue Ocean Strategy. Presentation is easy to follow; especially with the Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean comparisons.
Critical Thinking - Perhaps one of the most critical skills for a truly educated person - how to think critically. This is the kind of stuff we should be teaching in every MBA program. Presentation does a good job of describing the important attributes of critical thinking.
Black Swans - Author Nassim Taleb explains what a Black Swan is. Black Swan events are now common-place in our world and they have enormous impacts on everyone, such as 9/11, the Financial Crisis, and the sudden change in Egypt. Also check out my article: Countering Black Swans.
Emotional Intelligence - A good interview with Daniel Goleman who pioneered the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Explains the importance of Emotional Intelligence as it relates to leadership and organizational performance. Goleman backs up his arguments with documented research. Also check out my two articles: Smart Organization - Part 1 and Smart Organization - Part 2.
CrowdSourcing - A nice presentation that illustrates how crowdsourcing has emerged to change how business is done; especially how very small independent businesses can easily compete against the big boys through crowdsourcing. Also check out my article: The Power of CrowdSourcing
CrowdSourcing Examples - Gives numerous examples of how all kinds of organizations are using crowdsouring (mass collaboration). Note: Some good links to crowdsourcing are found on the External Links page under the category CrowdSourcing.
Group Genius - Author Keith Sawyer explains how innovation is driven through group genius and the highest levels of innovation take place with groups and collaboration. Very important to growth in this highly competitive global world.
Intellectual Capital as a Value Driver (Part 1) - Some fundamental concepts associated with intellectual capital such as your ability to innovate. The speaker frames the discussion in an easy to understand and global way. Also check out my article: Recognizing Intellectual Capital
Intellectual Capital as a Value Driver (Part 2) - Continuation of fundamental concepts associated with intellectual capital.
Collective Intelligence - The importance of social connections and its impact on how you do business, such as broader and faster means of collaboration. Several examples are explained by different speakers.
How the Internet can Blind Side Your Business - A good quick study of how the internet has changed work and how it can impact your business especially in the form of Complex Adaptive Systems.
Importance of Social Learning to Businesses - The major impacts of social learning on how you do business, solve problems, and reach your clients. More and more work will get done by way of social networks, all working together collaboratively to build something new.
Gamestorming - A quick 3 minute video that explains how you must change work by using games. Games make work extremely fun, creative and productive. Games also force needed collaboration in the workforce.
Importance of Games - Keynote presentation by Linda McGonigal on how games are the key to solving the major challenges facing the world, such as poverty and climate change. Games put intense focus into solving our most pressing problems, yet most companies are clueless on how to tap into this super-power of human capability.