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Please note that resources on this web page are designed for desktop viewing and application. These resources are not designed for mobile devices.

Software Programs for Desktop Computers

  • Occam's Tree - An application to assist with optimal decision making. Tree Templates, PERT and NPV spreadsheets for the application available from the software vendor
  • Strategy 2 Act - Balanced Scorecard Tool for creating a strategy tree and scorecard map - AKS Labs
  • ROI Solver - Calculates Return on Investment for different scenarios
  • StatistXL 1.5 (7.8 MB) - Excel Add-In for statistical applications such as ANOVA, t-Tests, Regression Analysis, Cluster Analysis, and Factor Analysis - StatistXL
  • MM4xl (8.5 MB) - Strategic business analysis tool kit for Excel - Brand mapping, cluster analysis, GE Business Monitor, and other competitive analytical tools - Marketing Stat
  • Financial Analysis - Evaluates business performance using 33 ratios in 5 categories with common financials and graphs
  • Business Functions - Collection of functions for building a financial model - Business Functions UK
  • Project Risk Analysis - Develop cost estimates on capital investment projects
  • Starting Costs - Estimate the startup costs of a business
  • Business Builder - Build a business model covering production and sales. Also project financial transactions
  • Money Math - A five star shareware program for performing different financial calculations, such as discounted cash flows, loan amortization's, etc. Program includes worksheets and examples.
  • Lease Calculator - A five star shareware program for various lease calculations, including lease vs. buy analysis. A very good financial reference tool.
  • WINFIN- Capital budgeting calculations, such as Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Payback. Just plug in the discount rates and the free cash flows and it automatically gives you the economics of your project.
  • NPV of DCF - Valuation of Investments based on Net Present Value. Enter cash flows up to ten years with five adjustable discount rates.
  • Euro Magic - Currency Conversions from a drop down menu for European currencies and U.S. dollars.
  • Risk Analyzer - Decision and risk analysis program for Microsoft Excel. Provides a simple alternative to more complex simulation programs.
  • Turbo BPR - Facilitates strategic planning, operations analysis, and project assessments. Links various elements within a framework and provides examples.
  • MindManager- Breaks down a complicated problem within a map. Helps display ideas and relationships within a single framework.
  • SurvivalWare - Simulation program for advanced warning of cash flow problems. Sales, collection times, and other variables are used to generate a probabilistic forecast of cash inflows. Shortfall graph tells you the magnitude of the problem.
  • Aldarus Business Plan - A highly rated program for business planning. Includes templates for generating financial statements, breakeven, and financial ratios. Requires Microsoft Office 97.
  • Solve IT - Fill in the blank and hit F9 key to do financial calculations, such as loan analysis, depreciation, net worth, etc.

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