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Welcome to the Financial Management Training Center. All courses are free and accessible from this web page. Courses are downloaded to your computer by clicking on the hyperlinks on the right side of this page. You can take a short course online by clicking on the "online" hyperlink. You can also download a short course in three file formats: pdf | exe file | word. Finally, if you want to take the final exam online, click on the "take exam" hyperlink.

 Getting Around

Here is a quick summary of each web page within the Financial Management Training Center:

Course Help: Some basic help for anyone new to the Financial Management Training Center.

Frequently Asked Questions: A listing of questions and answers about the short courses.

Course Descriptions: A brief description of each short course. Also includes the recommended background you should have for taking a course.

CPE Standards: This web page identifies the Continuing Professional Education standards that short courses comply with as well as standards that short courses do not comply with. VERY IMPORTANT - Courses offered on this web site are NOT approved for credits by any governing board or other institution. Therefore, please make sure you agree your applicable standards to those outlined on this web site.

Exe File Help: A step by step guide to using the exe file version of a short course. NOTE: If you are seeking credits for a short course, then you need to take the exe file version of the short course!

Miscellaneous Files: This web page provides some additional course notes that you might find useful.

Useful Web Pages: This web page captures a few external web pages to help supplement each short course.

Language Translation: Instructions and information on how to translate short courses and all web site content into different languages.

External Links: A listing of web sites related to learning and business finance. Includes links to finance books and executive education programs.

 Language Translation Feature

Short courses that are offered online can be translated from English into eight different languages using the Bable Fish feature. Click Here for more information.

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 Download All Courses

Click Here to download all seventeen courses (pdf files) in one single zip file.


Short courses are offered for private consumption and any commercial use of these short courses requires the execution of a License Agreement. You may distribute short courses for free and public consumption under the Permission Agreement. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email (matt@exinfm.com).



 Short Courses

Course 1: Evaluating Financial Performance online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - A concise overview of using ratios to evaluate financial performance. Supplemental Material => Excel Workbook (Courses 1 & 2) | Live Workshop

Course 2: Financial Planning & Forecasting online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - The basic components of financial planning and forecasting. Supplemental Material => Developing Financial Projections from Public Company White Papers

Course 3: Capital Budgeting Analysis online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - How to analyze and select long-term investment projects. Supplemental Material => Excel Workbook

Course 4: Managing Cash Flow online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - Basic activities that comprise cash flow management.

Course 5: Managing Risk - The basic steps necessary for managing risk. This course can be found in the Excellence in Financial Management Program. Supplemental Material => Risk Templates | Intro to VAR | VAR Risk Models

Course 6: The Management of Capital online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - Capital structures, cost of capital and other related concepts.

Course 7: Mergers and Acquisitions (Part 1) online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - Basic concepts, legal considerations, due diligence, etc. Quick M&A Guide | Quick M&A Knowledge - Chand Sooran

Course 7: Mergers and Acquisitions (Part 2) online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word Financial analysis, valuation of target companies, post merger integration, and anti-takeover defenses.

Course 8: Creating Value through Financial Management online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word   - Concepts related to value-creation such as Economic Value Added and Value-Based Management.

Course 10: Strategic Planning online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - The basic process and steps for developing a complete strategic plan. Supplemental Materials => Assessment Templates | Planning Model (ppt)

Course 11: The Balanced Scorecard online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - Overall understanding of how to develop a Balanced Scorecard. Supplemental Materials => Excel Templates | Excel Model | PowerPoint | Case Study | Workshop | Project Plan | White Paper by Mark Graham Brown

Course 12: Competitive Intelligence (Part 1 Introductory) online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - The basic components of competitive intelligence. Supplemental Materials => PowerPoint | White Paper by Larry Kahaner |

Course 12: Competitive Intelligence (Part 2 Advanced) online | take exam | pdf | exe file - CI Systems, Analytical Models, and other specific techniques.

Course 13: Going Public online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word - The basic process for taking a company public through an Initial Public Offering. Supplemental Materials => Timeline | Survival Guide | Officer Questions | IPO Outline | Prospectus Example | SEC Handbook |

Course 15: Creating Value in the Nonprofit Sector online | take exam | pdf | exe file | word  - Applying value-based management to nonprofit and non-governmental organizations.  Supplemental Materials => Logic Model Manual | Strategic Planning Manual | Social Entrepreneurship from SNPO | McKinsey Capacity Assessment | Building Capacity | Measuring Social Impact

Course 17: Process Improvement online | take exam | pdf | exe file - Fundamental concepts associated with process improvement. Supplemental Materials => Analytical Thinking | Six Sigma Project Files

Course 18: Leadership online | take exam | pdf | exe - A synthesis of best thinking in leadership, including models for developing leadership practices in any organization.

Course 19: Managing Projects - Principles and practices related to project management. online | take exam | pdf | exe Supplemental materials => PM Primer by Nick Jenkins | PM Workbook | PM Tool Kit