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 Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes from Professor Betty Simkins of Oklahoma State:
What is Capital Budgeting - Quick overview of capital budgeting (12 pages).
What is Cost of Capital - Quick overview of cost of capital (13 pages)

Lecture Notes from the Global Financial Management Course at Duke University - Professors Alon Brav, Campbell R. Harvey, and Ernst Maug:
Discounting Techniques - Future values, present values, compounding, annuities, perpetuities, etc. (32 pages)
Valuation of Cash Flows - Investment Decisions & Capital Budgeting: Cash flows, net present value, irr, payback period, etc. (32 pages)
Bond Valuation - Types of bonds, bond pricing, term structure of interest rates, etc. (29 pages)
Capital Structure - Capital structures, use of leverage, effects of leverage, etc. (40 pages)
Valuation of Stocks - Characteristics of stocks, constant growth formula, yields, P/E ratios, mergers, etc. (35 pages)

Lecture Notes from the Asset Management Course at City University Business School in London - Dr. D. N. Tambakis:
The Capital Asset Pricing Model - Illustrative notes on calculating the cost of capital under CAPM. (13 pages)
Arbitrage Pricing Theory - Comparison to CAPM, basic framework, factor loading, etc. (11 pages)
Market Efficiency - Efficient market hypothesis, predictability of returns, etc. (11 pages)


 Lecture Notes - Continued

Lecture Notes from the Financial Management Course at the University of Texas at Dallas - Professor Ted Day:
Investment Decision Rules - Descriptions of payback, accounting rate of return, net present value, internal rate of return, etc. (14 pages)
Capital Budgeting - Calculating cash flows, working capital requirements, net present values, etc. (18 pages)
Topics in Capital Budgeting - Measuring uncertainty, economic value added, etc. (11 pages)
Exchange Rates - Foreign markets, exchange rates, hedging, valuation in foreign currencies, etc. (20 pages)
Risk Return - Adjusting for risk, risk premiums, capital market line, portfolio risk, etc. (27 pages)
Capital Structure - How valuations change given a change in the capital structure. (21 pages)

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 Video Lessons

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 Some Additional Stuff

  • Corporate Finance: A Valuation Approach by Professor Simon Benninga of the Wharton Business School. This is a collection of spreadsheets from the course. Click Here to download the set.
  • Tutorial on the McKinsey Model for Valuation of Companies. Working Papers and Excel Spreadsheets. Click Here to go directly to the download page.